Q:  What is the average life of a system/equipment
A: If a system/equipment is taken care of and well maintained it should have an average life of 15-20 years.

Q:  What is the price for a basic Furnace and Install 
A:  Starting at $1,895 

Q:  What is the price for a basic A/C and Install 
A:  Starting at $1,995 

Q: How would a Wi-Fi Thermostat benefit me?
A: Wi-Fi thermostats monitor your home or cabin while you're away. Sending email alerts when the system has a problem as well as friendly reminders, like when your filter needs to be replaced.

​Tips for keeping your house warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer?
Keep your blinds open in the winter to allow the sun to heat your home.
Keep your blinds closed in the summer to allow your home to maintain the cooled temperature.
Following this rule of thumb will allow for your system to run less often.

Tips for Saving energy.

Keep blinds open/closed to allow your home to warm up or cool down
Use a programmable thermostat to run your system efficiency
Have your system/equipment tuned up every other year
Change your furnace filter monthly or as needed.​

Q:  Why would I want to spend more on an energy efficient system?
A:  Energy efficient systems lower gas and electric bills saving you more money season over season

Q:  Why would I want to make sure the duct work is properly sized and installed?
A:  So your system works at it’s highest efficiency

Q: Why would I want to think about installing a humidifier?
A:  For better indoor air quality

Q:  Why would I want to install a programmable thermostat?
A:  A programmable thermostat will save you on utility bills by allowing you to program lower temps during non-occupied times. 

Q:  How can I find out about current rebates?
A:  You can contact your local energy companies (gas/electric) and they should be able to provide you with details on current rebates.

Q:  Why is it important to change your furnace filter monthly?
A:  To save on energy, prevent unnecessary wear and tear on system/equipment, and prevent unnecessary service calls.





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